From Wellhead to
Fracture Tip.

You’ll appreciate the unique innovation of Propel SSP proppant transport technology from beginning to end. Up top, there’s no special handling or equipment needed. Adding water is where the real magic happens. The hydrogel coating will immediately swell creating more proppant surface area, while reducing effective specific gravity, which makes the proppant self-suspend to flow uniformly and farther into every fracture. All resulting in improved hydrocarbon recovery and better fracture economics.

Hover over the numbers to see how Propel SSP performs at almost every stage of the fracturing process.

Going Farther Into the Fracture.

This technology lets you go the distance to get more proppant all the way to fracture tips. When fully hydrated, the effective specific gravity of particles using Propel SSP is about 1.3, compared to 2.6 for uncoated sand grains. This achieves the transport properties of viscous fluids from thin fluids with viscosities less than 35 cPs. More proppant flows farther without duning, and the hydrogel layer’s friction-reducing properties slip proppant farther through tight fracture passages.